Colorado Elk Creek Coal Mine Idles, but the three megawatt methane capture project is said to continue for many years to come.

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DP 12-4-13 Methane Capture


Squeezing Cleaner Energy from Coal’s Waste by Mary Catherine O'Connor,, October 22, 2013


A bill to increase renewable energy in Colorado supported by Governor Hickenlooper


Increase of renewable energy requirements in Colorado supported by a small majority in the House, but Republicans remain opposed.


Republican law makers believe the new energy bill will raise prices in rural Colorado. Democrats maintain the bill will not harm rural Colorado.


Energy bill passes right down party lines.


25% mandate on renewable energy reduced to 20%.


Republicans continue to fight against the renewable energy bill.


Renewable energy bill passes house vote after a 25% mandate was reduced to 20%.


Renewable energy bill may cost Tri-State, Xcel Energy, and Black Hills Energy money over the next 6 years.


Aspen Ski Company and Oxbow Mining join forces to conserve resources and produce renewable energy.


Small business owner Tom Vessels completes renewable energy project with a Colorado coal mine and Aspen Ski Company.


Coal mine reduces emissions with the help of Holy Cross Energy, Aspen Ski Company, and Vessels Coal Gas.


Vessels Coal Gas received award for environmental excellence in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recognizes Vessels Coal Gas for Cambria 33 renewable energy project.


Study warns of rising sea levels and the need for cleaner energy.