About us

Vessels Coal Gas Inc. has developed and operates 3 mine methane capture projects that have generated and sold:

Why we do it?
VCG believes that preserving the environment in an economically productive way is an emerging and growing business model in the USA. To achieve this:

1. Low carbon fuel production
a. Electrical generation through methane destruction
b. Natural gas pipeline injection of Methane
2. We capture coal mine methane which reduces the impact of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) on the environment.
a. Combusting (flaring) for carbon offsets
3. Turning a profit
a. Selling electricity
b. Selling natural gas
c. Selling carbon offsets

Methane is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon energy product with the least greenhouse gas emissions when combusted.

If methane escapes into the atmosphere without being combusted it is a very potent greenhouse gas and a precursor to O3 (ozone) which is harmful to health and agricultural production (Climate and clean Air Coalition). It is a short lived climate pollutant (SLCP) that lasts about 12 years before breaking down into ozone and carbon dioxide. Methane is also highly explosive and is very dangerous in a confined space such as an active underground mine. Because of this, the Mine Safety Heath Administration, or MSHA, mandates the ventilating of gassy mines to reduce mine Methane to below 1% for the safety of the miners. A valuable wasted resource and potent greenhouse gas is vented into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Vessels Coal Gas has a business model of taking this safety measure and turning a profit from it. We have years of experience, managing operations involving methane, in the natural gas industry. We can extract economic value from the methane by either selling the gas, generating electricity on site with mobile generators, or flaring the gas for carbon offset credits. In doing so we improve mining operations by reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and volatile organic compounds while maintaining a high level of safety.
After coal mines are sealed and abandoned fractures in the ground caused by the mining operations allows methane to escape overtime. VCG captures abandoned mine methane to flare potent GHG or generate electricity. This allows the generation of energy from land previously disturbed by coal mining operations, reducing the need to produce energy form pristine lands.

VCG has three primary goals.
1. The first is expand our customer base. These include GHG emitters in California in need of offsets, coal mine operators requiring air quality improvement, or communities interested in low carbon energy. In 2015, the demand for Air Resource Board Offset Credits far exceeded the supply. Electricity generation from distributed sources are becoming increasingly popular in rural communities. We are active in the California Cap-and-Trade Program by generating and selling offsets, participating in rule making meetings, and attending conferences. In this way we keep rule makers informed of our needs, and buyers informed of our products. Reaching out to power distributors near active and inactive coal mines builds relations with local electricity utilities and environmentally conscious communities near these mines.

2. VCG has been involved in California and Colorado state legislation. We advocated for economic incentives, up to date scientific policy, and simplified regulatory requirements. Vessels believes that the best way to produce environmentally sound energy is to make it profitable through market mechanisms.

3. VCG’s primary responsibility is to develop and operate projects
a. To date VCG’s 3 mine methane capture projects have generated and sold:
525,904 California Air Resources Board Offset Credits
114,180 Verified Carbon Units
78,000 Megawatt Hours of electricity eligible for
78,000 Renewable Energy Credits
407,700 MCF of natural gas sales
b. We are looking for new opportunities to develop MMC