• Vessels Cambria 33 Resources LLC

    Vessels Coal Gas currently operates a coal mine methane recovery facility on Bethlehem Energy Slope Mine 33, a coal property in Cambria County owned by a unit of Arcelor Mittal. Pipeline injection of mine gas emissions came on production in May of 2008. Electrical generation began December 2010. As of January… Read More

  • North Fork Energy LLC

    North Fork Energy LLC generates carbon offsets by destroying excess methane gas that is vented from the Elk Creek coal mine. This excess gas is pumped through a thermal oxidizer, burning the methane before it gets to the atmosphere. Methane Oxidation (Combustion) Reduces Green House Gas Emissions CH4(methane) + 2O2(oxygen) →(exothermic reaction) CO2(carbon dioxide) +… Read More

  • 3MW LLC

    3MW LLC is a company operated by Vessels Coal Gas that has installed electrical generation capacity to deliver 3 megawatts of electricity to Holy Cross Energy. To our knowledge the facility will be the first in the USA west of the Mississippi to generate electricity from methane that is venting from an… Read More